Victoria Sneakers


The sneakers “Victoria” are foot wears with a long history.
The company was founded in 1915 in La Rioja and their products are marketed all around the world. Although, the strategy of the company is base don the constant renewal of the line, they always kept the classic tag on the side of the shoe. The Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE) in collaboration with ICEX proposed to Chispum to participate in the exhibition called “Reinventing the shoe”, a unique meeting between the best shoe brands and the most prestigious professional designers.

An international exhibition displayed en Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, Tokio, and in a several more big cities. The communication campaign and prototypes of the sneakers were created with a setting of the classic Victoria shoe planted in scenarios related to the world of leisure such as where El Clásico was played, a confinement of San Fermín, a picnic, a weekend trip, first day of summer, etc. All the scenarios are related with the imagination of holidays when we use these sneakers.