Tigers and Lions

Hospital Vall d’ Hebrón. UCI Pediátrica (Barcelona)

Converting a frigid and a critique place into a friendlier environment by facilitating communication between health personnel, patients and families. The project is humanization of hospital settings.
Together with the Fundació el Somni dels Nens, we developed the task of humanizing the neonatal ICU floor, proposing a game between two teams: tigers and lions.
The plant is divided into two teams, integrating this idea into all

elements: corridors, counters, screens, hospital equipment, etc. The challenge has been to strengthen the idea of ​​overcoming in a difficult environment. The second phase of the project integrates a gaming service based on changing the classic uniforms of the personnel to uniforms of each one of the equipment, identifying elements, etc. A project of designing spaces and children’s environment has helped to make the hospital environment much more human.