The submarine ambulance

Emergency Medical Service of Hospital de la Vall d’Hebrón and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona)

A paediatric ambulance is converted into a submarine (Humanization of hospital settings).
The experience of traveling in the ambulance converts into a trip underwater. Since the child enters the ambulance begins a journey accompanied by fishes and other underwater species, as if the ambulance is a real submarine. To complete the experience, we designed a colouring book of activities with the same underwater motifs that decorate the interior of the vehicles and that are given to the children.

Pioneering challenges in Spain in humanizing spaces in hospital environments to ensure those children’s ambulance transfers are as traumatic as possible. After an ambulance operating time, it has been found that both sedation in the paediatric patients and the repetitions of tests have been reduced. It is a pioneering and unique project of children’s humanization of the hospital environment.