Identity for Chispum


Chispum is not only about decorative and kids wall stickers. It is an editorial of illustrated ideas for áreas and various objects. It is a Brand where many artists participate to develop their creative ideas through illustrations applied on everyday life. (Mariscal, Mario Eskenazi, Diego Feijóo, Javirroyo, Miguel Gallardo, Martín Tognola and Anna Llenas are only some of them). The identity of Chispum is

represented by a series of phrases that identify Chispum, its products and supports. It does not exist a unique logotype for Chispum, although it ia an identity based on the explained ideas. The typography Helvetica is neutral and used in black to create a contrast with various backgorunds and color of Chispum products. It is an identity system based on the ideas that transmit Chispum.